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Choosing the right backup provider for your needs is tricky. In this Carbonite vs CrashPlan comparison, we'll see which one of these popular online bac

Best Business Online Backup: Backblaze vs CrashPlan vs Nordic When deciding who to trust with your business data, you have to take many components into consideration. The

 · Mozy, Carbonite, Backblaze, Crashplan? In reply to Glen Barrington • Jun 19, 2013 Carbonite advertises more, but it and Mozy are the leaders, being well fund

From what it looks like, Backblaze and Crashplan both work by basically mirroring directories on your PC. If you delete a directory from your PC, it also deletes fr

 · Installed Backblaze, saw that it wasn't possible to back up the applications folder. Deinstalled Backblaze. I'm now using Arq. What a special special ap

Backblaze voegt zich bij diensten als CrashPlan, MozyHome en SteekUP waar het gaat om het bieden van een eenvoudige back-up- en herstelmogelijkheid voor grote hoeveelhede

 · CrashPlan is more customizable (and has whole-house coverage) and BackBlaze is a better Mac OS X client. John Siracusa recommends them both equal

Never lose a photo, video, or file again. Cloud backup made easy and automatic. Backblaze unlimited online backup for $6 per month.

In our 2017 rankings for best overall cloud backup, which you can find in the same article, IDrive, CrashPlan and Backblaze listed first, second and third,

 · Update: (8-4-2019) Okay so Crashplan for individuals is dead. My recommendation has changed to Backblaze! I was in the market for online backup and it

CrashPlans ability to backup to local destinations, other computers and even to friends computers set it apart from Backblaze to being a more complete backup

 · Backblaze makes backing up your Mac or PC easy. Backup all your user data for just $6/month. It backs up continuously and in the …

 · In my experience, I do believe that Backblaze offers a better service, but Crashplan is the service that fit what I needed the most. I needed a cloud bac

 · It has been a few years since a decision by a major tech company last turned me into a green rage monster, but it just happened again. Code42 Software has announce